Secrets of the World: Questionnaire

Gaurav Rajput
2 min readDec 1, 2020


There are a lot of secrets and mysteries in the world. I am sure most people have thought about it. And off cause some of them were successful in doing so—Einstein, Newton, etc. There are a lot of scientists who discovered new things. Here one can say they were exceptional. But is it necessary to have an enormous amount of knowledge to discover something? Is it true?

Well, I will say it's not true. Think about the world that was before any physics, chemistry, or anything you know right now. Then how human evolution started. How the human discovered fire ? Well, here you can say it happened by accident. Some things were discovered by accident. But isn’t it true that some were discovered by humans intentionally, or you can say some were discovered because the human needed something? A need to get something done, but he was totally unaware of possibilities. There may be infinite possibilities to do something or discover something, but it's equally probable that there is only one possibility to discover something. Who knows?.

No one knows, neither I nor you. But I know one thing, there are possibilities, that infinite secrets yet to be discovered by man. There are infinite mysteries in the world. Wait, do anyone cares about them? A human can think of is not the upper bound of mysteries and secrets that need to be found. Our thinking is only limited to what we have learned in our life. There are possibilities that we are following the wrong rules that humans think he discovered. What if there are totally different sets of rules to a world? How probable would it be to have similar discoveries and inventions if all rules of physics, chemistry or mathematics, or whatever you know changes? And similarly, I could ask you, How probable it would be to have amazing discoveries and amazing inventions? Let’s assume you are in a different world where you have everything that you need, but you are not nurtured in this world. You are not nurtured with having these learning that you are gaining in this world. Now tell me how difficult it would be to discover any secret of the universe.

What if we came to know a secret to move things from far away without touching it?

What if we can move from India to the USA within a second?

Don’t you think these are secrets or mysteries that can be found or these things can be true? I really have a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. And these questions sometimes make me angry, sometimes disappointed, but all in vain. Nothing happens😒. But I try to find out things, although sometimes I try to distract myself from them. They always pinch me. Sometimes I think that I do have these questions because there are answers; there are hidden secrets that someone needs to discover somewhere in the world.

As of now, I am still struggling to find out these secrets.